Grain Bag Loaders

When you need a fast and flexible grain storage option, nothing matches the versatility of the Neeralta Grain Storage system. The Grain Bag Loader component of this system provides innovations in reliability and ease-of-use that are unequaled by anything else in the field. All of the features and benefits to the Neeralta Grain Bagging System are backed by an equally reliable warranty and service package. Neeralta engineering ensures rugged durability backed by a company that fully stands behind its’ products.





10’ with 20” auger

The Neeralta 1020 Grain Bag Loader is the model that set the bar for ease of use back in 2010.  The optional on-board swing auger is able to unload trucks without having to be towed to the field behind the machine.  In addition, the standard 20″ main tube and generous hopper size make the 1020 model an excellent choice for unloading grain carts.

1020 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 20”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 8’6” x 10’

  • Capacity: 30,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 540 Direct Drive

  • HP Required: 100

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor


Neeralta 1024 Grain Bag Loader

10’ with 24” auger

The 1024 model is the perfect blend of the 1020 and the 1024S model.  The Neeralta 1024 has the large hopper and the 24″ tube with the length to be able to accommodate the swing auger.  While the swing auger is optional, most 1024’s are sold with it since it opens up many options for your farming operation.

1024 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor


Neeralta 1024S Grain Bagger

10’ with 24” auger

With it’s large hopper and industry leading 24″ tube, the Neeralta 1024S grain bagger allows for fast in-field storage directly from the grain cart  or combine.  Power through harvest and leave others in the dust with the Neeralta 1024S model.

1024S Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 8’6″ x 10’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • HP Required: 90

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

Neeralta 1224 Grain Bagger

10’-12’ Variable

The Neeralta 1224 Grain Bag Loader, with it’s patented variable-width feature, is designed and built for high-capacity operations and elevators. The large hopper and 24” main tube allow grain carts to empty quickly. With the ability to fill either 10’ or 12’ bags, the 1224 offers the ultimate in performance and flexibility for those that need to fill a high number of 10′ or 12′ grain bags in a hurry.

1224 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ or 12’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor

Grain Bag Unloaders

The Neeralta Grain Bag Unloader is the solution to unloading and rolling your grain bags.  The patented grain bag roller is integrated directly into the design of the machine.  This industry-first feature, along with the remote control, four-way swivel spout, adjustable auger with extra long and high reach, make this grain bag extractor the leader in the industry.

Are you in the market for a 12′ extractor?  No problem here. No need to buy a totally different model that is much larger and heavier at a price point that breaks the bank.  The Neeralta grain bag unloader has a cross-auger extension package that adds the ability to unload 12′ grain bags.


Extractor Models

Trailer Model
The Trailer Extractor model has the speed of transport and the flexibility of towing choices in mind. Choose any vehicle with a standard hitch to get the unit to the field at highway speeds. The machine can also be run with low horsepower tractors to save depreciation costs.
3 Point Hitch Model

The 3-Point hitch model is an overall shorter machine than the cross-auger-to-hitch length of the trailer model.

This model is very easy to control with the tractor steering if small corrections need to be made during extraction.

Specifications (Both Models)
  • Main auger diameter: 16”

  • HP Required: 100

  • Capacity: 12,000 Bu/Hr

  • Hydraulic flow: 8 GPM @ 2,200 PSI

  • Bag Baler max bag length: 500+

  • Bag diameter: 9’ – 10‘

  • Bag diameter (extension package): 9’ – 12‘

  • PTO: 540

Transport Augers

What differentiates the Neeralta Auger from the rest is the durability of each aspect of this auger, giving every customer the best possible experience. This is not commercial equipment, this is FARM GRADE.


Standard Equipment & Features

Farm Tough Inlet
Neeralta auger inlet

It all begins at the inlet with the industry’s heaviest intake flighting to keep your auger performing far beyond expectations.

We didn’t stop there.  With the quick-change inlet section, you are able to replace worn inlet flighting very quickly.  This will reduce down time and save on repair costs.

Heavy Flighting and Tubing

 Better Twist on Flighting

Auger flighting

As a complement to the heavy inlet flighting, the main flighting is 1/4″ thick.  This is 50% thicker then the competition, setting higher standards of longevity.

Match the thick flighting with the 10 Gauge tubing on the Neeralta Transfer Auger and you may soon wonder why augers weren’t built like this sooner.

Long live the top drive

Do you enjoy downtime?  We didn’t think so. 

Oil bath gear box

As much as possible, we feel that downtime should be a thing of the past. 

This top drive has been designed with high grade sealed NTN bearings, hardened sprockets running in the oil bath, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Models & Specifications

Grain Bags

As leaders in grain bagging innovation, it’s only natural that we would partner with global leaders in polyethylene film production. We’re committed to providing our customers a wide range of premium grain bags.

Premium Quality Grain Bags

Neeralta grain bags offer many advantages over other products in the field. Find highly advanced material characteristics, competitive pricing and fast shipping from a supplier committed to helping your farming operation be successful.

The scientific formulation and testing of the materials in our grain bags are far beyond that of many standard products available. Neeralta grain bags balance tensile strength with flexibility, are created to resist the most extreme weather conditions, and greatly resist slumping and UV radiation.

Neeralta has grain bags available for pickup or delivery. We are committed to ensuring that you will always have access to the storage bags you need. We strive to keep bags in stock but it is not guaranteed that we have all sizes in stock at all times. We carry 9′, 10′ and 12′ grain bags in a variety of lengths.

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